Need to get Minecraft working easily on Steam Deck or a normal Linux desktop without much fuss? This is a method you could do it and it makes it simple. For this I picked the PolyMC launcher (a fork of MultiMC) available on Flathub, as the current official Minecraft launcher Flatpak would not save your password on Steam Deck and PolyMC after all deals with modding too.

Here's a latest video guide for you, with text steps under:

One can find this video additionally on the Steam Deck part of the PolyMC Wiki!

Textual content steps:

- Install PolyMC from the Uncover Software Centre on Steam Deck, or Flathub immediately for desktop Linux.
- Launch PolyMC and add your account in the top right corner. It helps both Mojang and Microsoft logins Minecraft online .
- Go into the primary PolyMC Settings, click on Minecraft in the left panel and click the option to shut PolyMC when the sport window opens. In any other case, loading in Sport Mode / Deck UI on Steam Deck it is going to flicker between the two windows.
- Ensure in the PolyMC Settings that Java is about to the most recent model, which is required for the latest Minecraft.
- Click on Add Occasion in the top left, then choose both regular Minecraft or find some mods with the built-in search and it installs everything you need for you.
- To be able to launch directly from Steam: go to the Games menu up the highest -> click on add a Non-Steam sport and then discover PolyMC within the listing.

Some YouTube comments prompt attempting out some optimized modpacks, but really I didn't see a big enough distinction by way of performance or power use to make them really worth it on Deck in contrast with vanilla Minecraft when testing on the same map seed. Controller mods had been also advised, however they're rarely up to date and often only work with particular Minecraft versions so sticking with Steam Input and just adjusting a couple of keys is the only option for that.